Top Five SEO Tips For 2018

Top Five SEO Tips For 2018
Top Five SEO Tips For 2018

SEO(Search Engine Optimisation)is the key to success if you are working on the internet platform,good SEO means good results in web.So In this article you will find five seo tips for 2018 which you can use to rank your site or blog better than ever.Lets just don’t waste the precious time of 2018 and earn some money through blogging.

Five SEO Tips For 2018 Are:-

1. Utilize the option of Meta Description

Meta description is a short description appear in the search engines below your main topic that describe what will be in this post,it can engage the people also.You have the option of writing meta description when you are managing the seo options.Just dont forget to include the main keyword of your post in it. Example:-my keyword is Top apps for 2018 then this word must be there in the meta description.

2. Use SEO Title

SEO title is the title showed on the search engines while searching for a post. Make sure that your focused or main keyword must be there in the Seo title to make it rank higher.If your main keyword is not there,there are very low chances of that post to be ranked.

3. By Using Permalink

It is the another option of ranking a post on the search engines by focusing on the main keyword.Permalink is the link of your post or article. You have the option of editing the permalink while writing a post or article. Make sure that the focus keyword must be there in the permalink.It helps your post or article to be ranked higher.

4. Using Keyword

It is very important to repeat the main or focused keywords in the post for 4-5 times if it is short and 2-3 time if it is a long keyword,it also helps the post or article to rank higher in the search engines easily.

5. Use Long Keywords

By using long keywords you can easily rank your post in the search engines as compared to the shorter ones. It is easy because the short ones will take a lot of effort and you have to create many backlinks but in the long ones you have to put less effort and you don’t have to create more backlinks and long keyword post are less,so there is a high chance of your post to be ranked

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