Top 5 Online Games to Kill Boredom

Top 5 Online Games to Kill Boredom
Top 5 Online Games to Kill Boredom

Top 5 Online Games to Kill Boredom. Online gaming has replaced the old video games. It has also increased the players reach worldwide. Now, you can play with multiple players around the world. Online games are best way to kill our boredom. If you have no work or want to time pass, online games will entertain you. Your boring schedule will get exciting by playing interesting online games. Here we are listing 5 best online games to kill your boredom.

List of Top 5 Online Games to Kill Boredom

1. Penny Roulette

First name in the list is Penny Roulette. Roulette is a game where you have to bet on number and when the wheel spins, you win if it lands on your chosen number. This is an interesting game that will be a good way to low down your boredom. If you are confident on your luck you can play penny roulette. This game is a type of roulette which you play for real money.

2. is a multiplayer snake game. The snake will grow when you feed it. And if enemy’s snake gets in your trap, your snake can eat them. Graphics of the game are good plus you can change the color of board. This a new version of that old snake game, you can enjoy this game with other players.

3. Funky Truck

Funky Truck is a driving game where you can show your driving skills off-road. This is a challenging game where you have to spin, run of fly your truck. You also have to go through valleys, mountains etc. This thrilling game is time based game, so your speed should be fast to match the time. It is single player game but as adventurous as any multi-player game would be.

4. Letterpress

Letterpress is a two player game on 5×5 board. This game is actually a mixture of bogger, risk and scrable. Its word game where it doesn’t stick to making simple spelling games it also includes board colouring and tile stealing. Game visuals are good, additionally you can chat with the player. It is based on merriam-webster dictionary.

5. Trivia Machine

Trivia machine is a knowledge based game. You can test your knowledge on different categories be it history, science or music. It has three different levels- elementary, scholar and genius. 

These were top 5 online games to kill your boredom. Now, whenever you get free you won’t get bored as you have these amazing games to play.

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