How To Root Xiaomi Mi A1?

How To Root Xiaomi Mi A1?
How To Root Xiaomi Mi A1?

In the previous post you have learned how to unlock the bootloader of Xiaomi Mi A1,in this post you will find how to root Xiaomi Mi A1 completely without any problem. Rooting will unlock its special features and your device will become more handy and so let’s get started.

Things To Note

1. Make sure your bootloader is unlocked if not please see the previous post.

2. Please make a backup of the important and necessary files, so if any wrong thing happen you will not loose it.


1. Download and install Universal ADB Driver

2. Download ADB FILES

3. Download  TWRP Recovery

4. Download (7.7 MB) (Don’t extract it)

5. Download (12.4 MB)  (Don’t extract it)

6. Download MagiskManager-v5.4.0.apk (2.2 MB)


1. Install the ADB Driver in your PC and restart it.

2. Extract and you will get ADB Folder.

3. Now copy paste the twrp.img inside the ADB Folder.

Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking

Enable Developer Option

  • Go to Settings > About phone > Click MIUI version 7 times.

Enable USB Debugging

  • Go to Settings > Additional settings >Developer options > USB Debugging and enable it.

Enable OEM Unlock

  • Go to Settings > Additional settings > Developer options > Enable OEM Unlock.

Give Root Access To Mi A1 By Installing TWRP Recovery

1. Switch off your device completely.

2. Press and hold the Power + Volume Down until it boots into the Fastboot Mode.

3. When it boots into fastboot mode just put your hands down from those buttons.

4. Again connect your Xiaomi Mi A1 to your PC using the  USB Type-C cable.

5. Open the ADB Folder.

6. Inside the folder, hold the Shift Key then right click and then select Open command Windows here.

7. The Command prompt will now open.

8. Now your device will directly boot into twrp recovery but dont flasha and enter below command then press enter.

fastboot boot recovery twrp.img

9. Now just wait for few seconds until you see twrp mode in your device, make sure your phone is connected to your PC.

10. After it done,just swipe to allow modification.

11. Now copy the twrp installer zip file & magisk zip file from your PC to the internal storage of your device.

12. Tap on install in twrp mode and browse twrp installer zip file and then directly flash it.

13. Once the flashing completed, just tap on back and go to the main menu of twrp.

14. Tap on reboot and then select slot B

15. Again, just go back to the main menu of twrp recovery mode.

16. Tap on reboot and select bootloader and then click on “Do not install”

17. It will again boot into fastboot mode.

18. So run below command again in your PC and press enter to run.

fastboot boot recovery twrp.img

19. Your phone will again boot into twrp recovery mode,now just swipe to allow modification.

20. Tap on install in twrp mode and browse twrp installer zip file and then directly flash it by swiping.

21. Congo, now twrp recovery is successfully installed in your device.

22. To check whether twrp is installed or not just go to the twrp main menu and Reboot then Recovery.

23. It will reboot your device in twrp mode.

24. Then tap on install in twrp mode and select file and the flash it by swiping.

25. Once flashing is completed, go to the twrp main menu, click on reboot then go to system and tap on “Do not install”

26. Now your device will boot into android mode taking few minutes.

27. Just install the Magisk Manager Apk file in your device.

28. Yippee,now your device is successfully rooted.

29. Install the Root Checker and check whether your Xiaomi Mi A1 has been rooted or not.

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