Open Multiple WhatsApp, Facebook, etc Accounts at Same Time

Open Multiple WhatsApp, Facebook, etc Accounts at Same Time

Most of the people these days have multiple accounts for one website. Like, I have two Facebook account which I use sometimes. But, there was no way to open both Facebook accounts at the same time. I could that though but for that, I had to create a new profile in my chromium-browser and login from there. However, there are several disadvantages to creating a new chromium profile. Like, new profile act as a new browser and everyone knows that chromium browsers are RAM eaters. And, no one wants to give all the RAM just to browser to make their computer slow. Another disadvantage is, its very hard to switch between two browsers than a tab.

So, here I bring a new trick to use more than two Facebook or Whatsapp, etc accounts at the same time in a single session. Not only just Facebook or Whatsapp, but you can also use it to access other social media accounts like Instagram as well as any other website.


This trick is only available for Chromium-based web browsers, such as Google Chrome and New Microsoft Edge (2020), etc.

My Personal Suggestion:

If you are Windows 10 user and don’t have Google Chrome then I would suggest you use the New Microsoft Edge browser because I have found it even better than Google Chrome. You can install it from official Microsoft’s website.

How to Open Multiple WhatsApp, Facebook, etc Accounts at Same Time?

1. Install Multi Session Box extension for your Chromium browser.

2. Once installed, click on Icon and then click on New Session button.

Open Multiple WhatsApp, Facebook, etc Accounts at Same Time
Open Multiple WhatsApp, Facebook, etc Accounts at Same Time

3. It will open a new tab. Enter any desirable website like Facebook and log in.

4. Now, again click on the New Session button.

5. It will open another tab. Use that new tab again to open the same website but it will ask you to login again. You can use it to log in your other account.

So, by this mean, you can log in two or more accounts from the same website without the need to create a new profile.

Few Alternatives for “Multi Session Box” extension

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