How to Install PUBG Taiwan Version in Gameloop Emulator? [Updated]

How to Install PUBG Taiwan Version in Gameloop Emulator?
How to Install PUBG Taiwan Version in Gameloop Emulator?

This is a tutorial that how you can Install PUBG Taiwan version in your Gameloop emulator. In this tutorial, I have posted a detailed step by step guide with animated images to show you. Users who want to hack PUBG Mobile in their emulator needs PUBG Taiwan. In the Global version of PUBG, you can not hack or if you do then you will get an instant ban. There are many tutorials present on the internet on this topic but most of them are not working or not understandable.

New Method to Install PUBG Taiwan Version

I made a new method to Install PUBG Mobile’s Taiwan Version in your Gameloop emulator. Its very easy so you should check that as well. Click the link below:

How to Install PUBG Taiwan Version in Gameloop Emulator?

By default, you have to Install PUBG Mobile in Gameloop but that is a Global version. If you apply hacks on global version then you most likely to get a ban. So, the first thing that we need to do is, install the Taiwan version of PUBG Mobile. You will not get a ban in the Taiwan version.

So, follow the steps below to install the Taiwan version PUBG Mobile in your emulator.

1. First thing first, you need to download the below file in your computer.

Decryption Key: GVho4JgjbP7z0LcjbcxtRYAPtxINIVFGsDhwSD3Cgl8
RAR File Password: UltimateTech.Org

2. Open your emulator and once it’s loaded, click on Exit button from the right-hand side bottom icon.

It’s better to start the emulator only instead open up Gameloop all the time if you only play just PUBG. So, to do that open up your “C Drive” > “txgameassistant” > “ui”. Now, right-click on “AndroidEmulator” and create a shortcut for it.

3. Now, press F9 key to display internal apps.

4. Click on the Internet and type below URL. You can copy and paste below URL as well.

5. Once ES File Explorer is downloaded, install it as well.

5. In your PC, go to Temp folder for Gameloop. Usually, it’s in “D Drive“.

6. Open TxGameDownload then MobileGamePCShared.

So this is a shared folder between PC and emulator. If you add or remove any file in this folder then it will be added and removed from the emulator as well.

7. Extract the com.rekoo.pubgm into MobileGamePCShared folder.

8. In the emulator, open up ES File Explorer and skip all welcome screen.

9. Click on internal storage from the home screen.

10. Now click on  / then data folder and lastly share1 folder.

11. Open up com.rekoo.pubgm folder as well that we copied earlier.

12. Install the Pubg Mobile from APK file. It can take up to 1 minute depending on your system’s specifications.

13. Once installed, don’t open it up. Back in the same folder, click on Android folder and long click (long press) on obb folder.

14. Copy the folder and go back to the home screen of ES File Explorer by clicking .

15. Again, click on Internal Storage then Android and paste the copied obb folder.

16. Done. Now go back to Home screen of the emulator to play the Taiwan version of PUBG Mobile.

There will be two PUBG Mobile games. One is PUBG Mobile Global version with a star on the icon and the other one is PUBG Mobile Taiwan version that we just installed.

How to Install PUBG Taiwan Version in Gameloop Emulator?
How to Install PUBG Taiwan Version in Gameloop Emulator?

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