How to Enable Dark Mode in iPhone/iPad/iOS? [No Jailbreak]

How to Enable Dark Mode in iPhone/iPad/iOS? [No Jailbreak]
How to Enable Dark Mode in iPhone/iPad/iOS? [No Jailbreak]

Want Dark Mode, but don’t know that how to Enable Dark Mode in iPhone/iPad/iOS without Jailbreak? iOS 11 is the current eleventh major release of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc., being the successor to iOS 10. It was announced and the first beta version released to developers at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5, 2017, with a public beta released in late June, and a stable version for consumers was released in most countries on September 19, 2017. Some countries will get the update on September 20, 2017. A new “Smart Invert” feature, dubbed a “dark mode” by some publications, inverts the colors on the display, except for images, some apps, and some user interface elements.


One thing that you require is; the latest version of iOS i.e. 11. This feature is only available for iOS 11 or later, so update your iOS device to latest operating system. You may read my article that, how to update iOS device to iOS 11 before release.

How to Enable Dark Mode in iPhone/iPad/iOS?

1. Go to  Settings of your iOS device.

2. Then, tap on General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations

3. Now, tap on Invert Colors and turn on toggle for Smart Invert.

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