Delete Recovery Partition & EFI System Partition in Windows

Delete Recovery Partition & EFI System Partition in Windows

Run out of disk space? Do you want to delete Recovery Partition & EFI System Partition in Windows? In this tutorial, you will learn exact thing. There are plenty of people asking for same question that how they can delete these unnecessary partitions. Well, these partition are really not unnecessary. Let’s check out what and why these partitions exist in our system.

What is Recovery Partition & EFI System Partition?

Recovery partition is a special partition on the hard drive used to restore the system in the event of problem. A recovery partition is a portion of your disk drive that is set aside by the manufacturer to hold an image of your system as it was shipped from the factory. Almost every manufacturer ship their product with a recovery partition, or with portable disk consists recovery image.

EFI system partition is a partition on a data storage device (usually a hard disk drive or solid-state drive) that is used by computers adhering to the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). When a computer is booted, UEFI firmware loads files stored on the ESP to start installed operating systems and various utilities.

Delete Recovery Partition & EFI System Partition in Windows
Delete Recovery Partition & EFI System Partition in Windows

Is it Safe to delete these partition?

This depends on your needs. If you are not out of space then I recommend that you should not delete these partitions. Deletion of these may make your system unbootable and unrecoverable in the event of accidents. These partitions are usually in few megabytes or sometimes in gigabytes.

However, if you desperately need few more disk space, then you can delete these partitions as this will not break your system in current state.

Delete Recovery Partition & EFI System Partition?

#1: Press Win + R. Type Diskpart and press Enter.

#2: Simply click Yes on popup.

#3: In the Diskpart prompt, enter rescan command and press Enter key to re-scan all partitions, volumes and drives available.

#4: Then type in list disk and press Enter key to show all hard disk drive available.

#5: Select the disk that contains the partition you want to remove. Normally, with just 1 hard disk, it will be disk 0. So the command will be:

Select disk 0

#6: Type list partition and press Enter key to show all available and created partition in the disk selected.

#7: Select the partition that wanted to be deleted by using the following command, followed by Enter key:

Select partition x

Where x is the number of the recovery partition to be removed and unlocked its space. Be careful with the number of this partition, as wrong number may get data wipes off.

#8: Finally, type in delete partition override and press Enter key.

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