How To Create Fake Govt. Proof For Facebook?

How To Create Fake Govt. Proof For Facebook?
How To Create Fake Govt. Proof For Facebook?

If your Facebook locked then how To Create Fake Govt. Proof For Facebook? Facebook require everybody utilizing Facebook to use their actual identify and birthday. This manner, you at all times know who you’re connecting with. After they uncover accounts that look faux or like they’re utilizing faux info, they ask the proprietor to verify that they’re who they are saying they’re. Most often, the best approach to verify your id is to observe the on-screen steps to enter your cell phone quantity and request a code. If can’t confirm your account utilizing your cell quantity, you’ll want to offer a replica of your photograph ID. This may very well be a scanned copy or a close-up photograph you’ve taken. They’ll completely delete this doc after they resolve your concern.

However should you do mot present Authorities ID then you may’t use your account in future. Then there are two choices. One is to make new account through which once more add all these buddies these are in earlier account. That is robust job and perhaps in future it can additionally acquired locked. Then use choice second. Add fake ID Proofs. To do so, just follow the steps below:

How To Create Fake Govt. Proof For Facebook?
How To Create Fake Govt. Proof For Facebook?


  1. An Android device (Temporary)
  2. Fake ID Generator App for Android
  3. Your formal Passport size photo


Click below to download Android app for creating fake Govt. ID.

Create Fake Govt. Proof

#1: Install above app in your Android device

#2: Than fill your DOB (Date of Birth)

#3: Choose Country

#4: Upload your Picture. Picture must be straight without any style like our other Govt. Documents.

#5: Now click on Generate

#6: All Done. You successfully generate fake ID proof.

#7: Now upload it on your Facebook Account.

#8: Wait for 1-2 business days for Facebook Review

#9: Done.

Note: Fill Fake ID details that is in your Facebook Account. Also use this trick if you really not have any ID.

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