Check Jailbreak Status for all iOS Versions

Check Jailbreak Status for all iOS Versions
Check Jailbreak Status for all iOS Versions

Check Jailbreak Status for all iOS Versions. Numerous devices creators incorporate a layer of Digital Rights Management (DRM) programming on their items. This DRM exists either to constrain the product you can keep running on it, or is there for security reasons. Jailbreaking is the way toward hacking these gadgets to sidestep DRM limitations, enabling you to run “unapproved” programming and to make different changes to your working framework.

All the more in fact, jailbreaking can be thought of as the way toward introducing “a changed arrangement of piece fixes (the bit being the administrator of the working framework) that enable you to run unsigned code,” as saurik clarifies.

Check Jailbreak Status for all iOS Versions

iOS VersionsJailbreak AvailabilityJailbreak Tool
iOS 12 Beta 1AvailableKeen Lab
iOS 11.3.1AvailableElectra
iOS 11.3AvailableElectra
iOS 11.2AvailableElectra
iOS 11.1.2AvailableLiberIOS, Houdini and Electra
iOS 11.1.1AvailableKeenLab and Electra
iOS 11.1AvailableKeenLab and Electra
iOS 11AvailableKeenLabLiberIOS and Electra
iOS 10.3.3AvailableH3lix and G0blin
iOS 10.3.2AvailableKeenLab, G0blin and H3lix
iOS 10.2.1AvailableSaïgon and H3lix
iOS 10.2AvailableYalu beta 7 and H3lix
iOS 10.0.1AvailableYalu beta 7 and H3lix
iOS 10.1.1AvailableYalu beta 7 and H3lix
iOS 10AvailableYalu beta 7 and H3lix
iOS 9.3.5AvailablePhoenixpwn
iOS 9.3.4AvailableHomeDepot
iOS 9.3.3AvailablePangu and HomeDepot
iOS 9.2AvailablePangu and HomeDepot
iOS 9.1AvailablePangu and HomeDepot
iOS 9.0.2AvailablePangu9
iOS 9.0AvailablePangu9
iOS 8.4.1AvailableEtasonJB
iOS 8.4AvailableTaig
iOS 8.0AvailableTaig
iOS 7.1.2AvailablePangu7
iOS 7.1AvailablePangu7
iOS 7.0.6AvailableEvasi0n
iOS 7.0AvailableEvasi0n
iOS 6.1.6Availablep0sixspwn
iOS 6.1.5Availablep0sixspwn
iOS 6.1.4Availablep0sixspwn
iOS 6.1.3Availablep0sixspwn
iOS 6.1.2AvailableEvasi0n6
iOS 6.0AvailableEvasi0n6

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