2 Best Facebook App Alternatives for Android (App + Messenger)


2 Best Facebook App Alternatives for Android (App + Messenger) Facebook is the most popular Social Media website in the world, with over 2 Billion people using it. Facebook is commonly used on Android devices and while Facebook provides two apps for Android devices namely –

1. Facebook – The normal Facebook app which has a clean UI and caches a lot of data. Resulting in coverup of space worth hundreds of MBs

2. Facebook Lite – Though this app covers a lot less space than the main app, it is just like an browser app which has Facebook opened on it. The UI is quite dull and it doesn’t feel catchy at all.

Another thing people use on their Android phones is Messenger, the app that lets you chat through your FB accounts. They don’t provide massaging options in the Facebook or Facebook Lite apps and thereby force us to download messenger which again ends up covering a lot of space.

What to do now?

One of the best solutions to this problem is installing an third party Facebook client for Android. Here are the best one’s which I personally recommend

2 Best Facebook App Alternatives for Android

Friendly for Facebook

Friendly is one of the most downloaded Facebook client and has a tons of cool features. It also combines both the messenger and facebook apps together in a very low amount of space but unlike Facebook Lite, the UI is not dull and has all the features the normal Facebook app provides. This app also provides a feature with which you can make your Facebook app look like the iOS version by switching the place of the navigation bar to the bottom.

Install Friendly


Phoenix is a very renowned company for making clients for various social medias. Their twitter client is the most popular client of Twitter till date. Unlike Friendly foe Facebook, Phoenix’s design and UI is completely different from that of the original Facebook app. It feels like you are using an new app altogether. Regardless of that the UI is quite easy to use once you get a hold of it and also can turn out to be better than the orignal FB app. This app also provides the feature to merge Messenger and Facebook which is a good thing.

Install Phoenix

How about Security?

Many of you might be concerned about your account’s security as both the apps require you to enter your password to login. While I can assure you that its 100% safe. I myself had to login to test the app as well as well over a 100,000 people use this app and not a single complaint has been registered regarding security.

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